Programming technologies: Which one are mandatory?

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If you are a programmer and you are writing up your CV, surely you had to make an endless list about the software tools that you master. It could be difficult to include coherently all of these tools in a paper, and make people understand it. The development of this software tools is changing and improving day by day, so sometimes is hard to identify which ones are more attractive when you are staffing for a company.

This post include an infographic to help you out organizing the list of technologies according to their functionality. You will find the most demanded technologies for web programming, database development, app development (including Google & apple), and finally those software programming technologies that represents a “must have” in every programmer résumé.

If you are interested in knowing a little bit more about how to include these technologies in your cv, and what is the most important information that should be present in a programmer’s cv, here is a post you may like to read: 12 key skills every programmer’s cv should have





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