7 tips to know if you should accept or reject a job offer

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Shall I accept this job offer? 7 tips to help you make the decision

Take the decision to change your work involve to create a pros and cons balance about staying in the company where you are working or looking for a new labor Project. When you take this decision, you start the job of looking for work and overcome many interviews. But finally, an interesting job offer may appear in your hands.

However, we have a short time to assess the new job offer and take such an important decision. In many of cases, the company that wants to hire you, it gives you a short time to think about it and you start to feel the answer pressure.

First of all, It is recommended to make an structured analysis considering the most relevant new employment aspects. Moreover, avoid which moment of excitement play a lead role and focus on really important things.

Remember, why you changed your work place:

In a first instance, there were a number of reasons why you started the job search. Remember your priorities and compare them with new company offers. Each person have their personal priorities and only you know what you want in your work life.


It is one of the most decisive points because of this depends you workday and professional aims that you can achieve. For this reason, you must always keep in mind where you would like to go so you can assess if this project can guide you to your goal. Check which are the functions that you are going to perform, your wage and the reconciliation of work and private life. In this way, the type of work that will be carried out in a new project is usually one of the most frequent reasons that generate an employment change.

Career paths:

You will not always be in your current position and you probably want to continue improving yourself and acquiring new challenges. This is why, it is recommended to know the personal development opportunities offered by a company, the possibilities to continue growing up or conversely, it is too easy to reach an insurmountable position.

Improvements in the quality of life:

Reconciliation of private life, work pressure, time you spend on traveling, the schedule flexibility and new company location are some aspects that can improve the quality of life. So that you keep motivated in the professional part you have to have a balance with private life too.


It is not the main motivation but it is a very important part of it. You must keep in mind what is the minimum figure by which you would change your work and that covers your fixed expenses. Additionally, it is recommended that there be an improvement in relation to those that currently have and in the rest of monetary advantages


Job offer conditions

Do not stop reviewing how the work conditions are, the agreement type, contract duration and objectives proposed.

Another vision:

It is recommended to ask the point of view to your close people and close environment. Besides, If you have a professional mentor, do not miss the opportunity to discuss it with that person, probably he will gave you a different and complementary vision.

Each of us have separate motivations and our priorities change according to our personal stage, age, economic situation… These are the most relevant aspects that must be considered in an employment offer, the priority order it depends on you.

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