The 9 most used Artificial Intelligence (AI) Trends

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From customer service through chatbots to financial advice to clients to make investment and saving decisions, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) focus on companies’ growth.

Digital transformation has supposed a great change in the way of understanding and functioning in all aspects of daily life. In this way, this technological revolution bring us innumerable benefits and facilities that business sector has been able to exploit. In this case, we are going to talk about artificial intelligence (AI), its success in business and about main technology trends of this year.

On this matter, you should know that its integration into companies covers different applications in business areas. From customer service through chatbots to financial advice to clients to make investment and saving decisions. Because of its diverse and practical functions many sectors are using it; automotive, logistics, finance and health sector. So, we want to show you the 9 AI technologies that come stomping.

The most used Artificial Intelligence (AI) trends

      1. Natural language generation

        It is an AI subfield which is based in creating text as of data obtained. This natural language helps machines to communicate ideas accurately.

      2. Speech recognition or voice response

        We talk about similar systems to Siri, which transforms human language into useful formats for computers. It will sound you familiar because of we are using it day by day.

      3. Visual agents

        Visual agents are an undoubted computational intelligence stars. This programs are able to interact with humans. The most common example are chatbots. We find chatbots in innumerable web pages, providing information and customer services services.

      4. Machine Learning

        We cannot talk about AI without mentioning these platforms whose objective is the development that allows computers to learn through algorithms, APIs, development and training tools and real-time big data analysis. Nowadays, it is being used for warn of disease risk factors since they detect more patterns than a human mind.

      5. Optimized hardware’s

        Another AI trend, which allow to create graphics processing units and devices designed for task execution oriented to computational intelligence.

      6. Smart machines

        They insert standards and logic that help with making decisions automatically, like what we discussed earlier in finance field, where robotadvisors are an alternative for investment and saving advices.

      7. Deep learning platforms

        They are a circuit neuronal artificial platforms that imitate human brain functions.

      8. Biometrics

        In AI trend lists, biometrics cannot be lacked, which identify, measure and analyze the physical characteristics and people behaviors. They have an extended use to increase security levels with fingerprint systems, voice or even iris verification.

      9. Robotic process optimization

        Our last sub-field, it includes scripts and others methods to imitate human tasks, text analytics and NLP in an automated way, facilitating the natural language understanding.

You already know the 9 artificial intelligence technologies trends that every day are most essential for you company growth. From customer service through chatbots, quality control or failure inspection. It is a revolution where many processes will be carried out automatically with intelligent machines, leaving the path free to focus us in jobs that require more human skills.


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