what should i know about the workers safety and health in companies in this 2018?

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With the aim of reducing the number of works accidents, It is vital to be able to answer the question: What should I do in terms of workers safety and health in my company in this 2018?

Occupational health and safety emergence, has supposed a 180 degree change, both in the working life and day by day of workers.

From ECB Engineering Firm, we want to give the importance it deserves to this day that has changed the all worker lives. For us, as a business consultant focused on personnel selection, feel safe and healthy in our jobs is essential to make the company a place where optimal conditions are combined so that all workers can develop their work and their operations in the best possible way.

This great occupational health transformation goes back to the Industrial Revolution, when the rights of workers as such arise. But it is not until the 70s when there really is an improvement in the quality of life of employees, thanks to the pressure exerted by the labor unions at this time.

Since then, all business agents are involved in this matter. Understanding this task, such as the equipment provision and responsibilities assumption both by the employer, and by workers of comply with occupational health and safety protocols.

What jobs do I need to take care of job security in my company?

To mitigate these data there are two different slopes. On the one hand, there are jobs related to health, security and environment. Profiles as a quality technician and environment or security and health technician, who are responsible for various responsibilities: from safety audits in plant to supervision and control of work accidents.

Job security profiles have the necessary knowledge about the protective materials that should be used in each workplace. They are responsible for verifying the worker physical training to perform their work. In this same line, the PRL can avoid accidents by training workers in the treatment of high temperatures in heat waves.

Definitely, although health and safety technicians cannot avoid human errors, for example the fall of a tool, what they do is prevent any damage that these errors may cause.

On the other hand, we can find companies whose reason for being is worker protection, as material supply. These companies are called EPIs or what is the same, Individual Protection Equipment.

This important sector have a great business concentration although it is becoming smaller by the companies that are forced to leave the market due to the competition existing in the cost prices and retail. For this reason, most of the Spanish companies that are operating in the EPIs sector have decided to outsource their production, especially to Asia and Africa, with the aim of lowering costs, being more competitive and surviving in a sector that presents so much rivalry.

How do I improve job security in my company?

In this sense, we have to continue advance to our quality labor life improve, making use of both PRL professionals and EPI companies. By combining all our efforts we will reduce this data to the maximum.

In ECB Engineering firm we are specialized in the search and hiring of security and health professionals with experience in fields such us risks prevention or plants control, among others. We know the difficulties to find this type of profiles and act as allies of our client companies to find the best candidates and finalize the selection process with the desired success. Consult our job offers.

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