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Nowadays technology grows in great strides and in continuous acceleration. There have been amazing advances in sectors such as Medicine, Astrophysics, Electronics or Bioengineering. But, there is a field that has revolutionized the business world, forcing companies to adapt to change, THE DIGITAL MARKETING. Likewise, labor market adds to the change in relation to market trends with higher demand and IT engineering profiles selection, which cover these new skills that companies demand.

No company should has been behind if it does not want to stay out of the game and give away its market share to the competitors who have adapted. But of course, any change gives distrust and uncertainty since online strategy is completely different from offline, which has dominated the previous decades with more expensive methods and in occasions not as productive or “measurable results” as the online method.

Digital advertising allows reaching greater number of people, taking advantage of the fact that we surf constantly on the Internet and use it for any query, purchase, reservation or reading. Most people have a computer at home and a Smartphone in their pocket. Moreover, online shopping is becoming very common and generates more confidence. On the other hand, it is a cheaper advertising medium and can achieve amazing goals.

This new digital stage has positively influenced the labor market. As expert selection company in engineers and IT / IT technology experts, we can affirm the remarkable employment generation within this sector. According to a study prepared by the FTI Foundation of Ametic, from 2013 to 2017 the marketing and communication area has included 81% of new business profiles, 16% in the Strategy and Business Management area and 3% in Legal. Regarding to production profiles, 53% are linked to the Programming area and 47% to Visual Design and Art and Creativity. Hence, adapted companies have professionals such as SEM Specialists, who carry their AdWords campaigns; Social Media Strategists o Community Managers to generate engagement with theirs clients; ecommerce Managers, who manage the digital sale; SEO specialists, who help the new visibility on Internet search engines; or Content Managers, who make it possible that content generated be useful for their customers.

Despite the growing presence of this department in companies, continue having company leaders stuck in the past. In relation with this, we can differentiate three types of businessman that we mentioned together with a short recommendation.

  • The ”curator”: We must execute all actions thinking, but bearing in mind that we cannot invent the future if we cling to outdate ideas, even if it has worked in the past.
  • The ”innovative apprentice”: It can become a teacher, sharing wisdom with young people (Sometimes you must “lose your pride” because we can learn from everyone).
  • The “suicidal experimenter”: Most of the most surprising advances were built on a crazy ideas base. As Jeff Bezos said (Amazon´s CEO): “No success without mishaps, no progress without setbacks” (a good Digital Marketing strategy does not offer setbacks).


In order to perform any business action we should acquire a position that combines the three personalities referred to above: second option is very productive, but never lay aside the other ones: try and take a chance, always thinking.

One step further, technology advances exponentially and is being implemented in all companies. If you have not updated your company, which is digital marketing, imagine the extra effort that will involve dragging it to the next technology change. The next stage will be Big Data, which is very close. It is about the complete digitalization of each of the company’s processes by integrating data processing technologies and intelligent software, which generate a set of infinity data. Big Data allows us to generate notable improvements in the company procedures in order to be more effective and increase performance with lower costs and time.

Maybe it is time to change before business duties accumulate. He does not believe? For that purpose ECB Engineering Firm will provide you help in selection of Marketing / Technology profiles – IT / Engineering, that better adapt to your company needs to face this digital transformation in an efficient, agile and effective way.

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