How to write a goal-oriented resume

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The CV is our professional presentation letter. Probably, before starting to develop your CV you have looked for some ideas and advice on the internet to make the best summary of your work experience. As personnel selection consulting company, we recommend you complementing the CV information with your reached achievements.
First of all, content is the most important thing in our CV. But, do you know how to guide your entire career towards your achieved achievements?
The selectors want to know what the results you have achieved in your previous experiences are. In this way, they will see what achievements you can achieve inside the company and what you can contribute it.
In many occasions we do not know what have been the goals we have achieved in each job. From ECB Engineering Firm we have made a short guide to help you in this way.

1. 1. Don´t exclude yourself. All positions have achievements.

There are work positions where is easier identify achievements than others. Do not think that only CEOs reach achievements. Each work position exist because is expected a result from it. For this reason, you must be aware that achievements are specific improvements, assumed challenges and your ability to achieve them.


2. Start by making a list

Firstly, you should do a list of all functions you have performed. In this way, you will identify your achievements made. In addition, you can help yourself searching in employment sites. Review your list elaborately, ask yourself why you have done each of your functions and what has been the objective of it. Finally of this, you will have a results and achievements sketch. Focus your questions on 3 states: money, time and efforts.

Ask yourself about sales increase / profits or decrease expenses, time or effort to achieve the company goals: measures that you have implemented, process optimization…


3. 3. Don´t forget to be concise

Once you have identified your achievements, do not include all of it in you CV because the aim is to be concise. About this, your CV must adapt to a maximum space of two pages. So, choose one or two relevant achievements, explaining the potential value that you can bring to the new company.

Focus on the most determinant achievements of your career: Do not include the least relevant information, you will have time to highlight it in a personal interview. At this point, it is advisable to dispense with far removed in time information or not important information for new company.


4. And, where do you include it?

Your document should be coherent and shocking and for this, you must analyze where your achievements are. We recommend you not to make a different section but include it within specific professional experience of each company. In this way, use the action-result methodology: Firstly, describe the performed function and then, write an achievement example.

For instance, if you are a web programmer, you can start describing your functions and highlighting an important result. Web sites programmer and development. Completion of 5 web pages developed using innovative technologies and tools (JAVA, JAVASCRIPT, ANGULAR JS, HTML5, CSS3).


5. The numbers matter

Measuring your results in numbers are easier for selectors. Because of this, you should think your achievements in quantitative and measurable results. Here, remember the three relevant elements: money, time and efforts.

A commercial area example it would be: Business development, customer acquisition and loyalty (function): new client contribution, a multi-channel company in IT sector with an average turnover of XXXX annual euros (achievements).


6. synthesis focused on achievements

Nowadays, include a short profile summary at the beginning of your CV will help you to explain better your document. In relation with this, we recommend you including a goal which you want to achieve in your next position. In this part, you should identify which is your next professional aim and present it clearly.


These types of complementary knowledge examples will present your skills in a clear way about what can you achieve inside new company and the value you can bring to the department.


To have a guide visual summary, we have included an infographic which can help you to guide your cv across your professional achievements.






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