Falling in love with your love

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We spend at work many daily active hours. Worth feeling comfortable all those hours that we invest in our professional part?

Clearly, the answer is YES! It is worth to try it.


Love to work or your profession It is not so different from the love in relationships. No couple can survive without care for their relationship or solve problems on time. In the same way acts the affection for the work. It is possible you lose your work and profession motivation at one point, even if you have always been satisfied with your job.

First of all, You should not scare because it is a natural situation in our lifes. Daily routine or not having new goals can lead you to dissatisfaction, So do not stop yourself before it is too late! To do this, you should analyze the aspects that bother you and elaborate an action plan.

As we know that work, apart from being our economic means is a very important part of our life, we would like to share with you some advices for improve your laboral relationship:


You are the main character

The only person who can help you to grow professionally is yourself. For this reason, you should find the correct tools to change the situation. It is important to make an effort to find the motivation again, wich is the motor that improves you.


Listen to steve, link the dots

Steve Jobs gave a speech, in Standford university, on three stories of his life and how these helped him to achieve success. In the first story he spoke about the importance of joining the dots. In this line, Jobs learned calligraphy at university. By then it did not make professional sense but he liked it. Ten years later he understood its importance when he developed his first Mac. He could include the best the market typographies to their computers, which became the differential value of the brand and the success of sales. Nowadays, maybe you do not realize the points that will lead you to success. For this reason, you have to analyze the tasks that are giving you true value to your professional career and take advantage of the experience and skills you are acquiring.


Enjoy the people

The most relevant factors of enjoying good occupational health is the relationship with our co-workers. It is very important to have a good relationship inside our job because they improve your mood and your motivation to perform your functions. Following this line, Seek the support of your colleagues with whom you feel more affinity.


Get away of the dark side

Always, In all the jobs there are colleagues who like to highlight the negative aspects of the company, the sector, the bosses, etc. Talking repeatedly about them will not change anything. For this reason, it is recommended to avoid negativity and highlight the positive aspects of both your position and the company where you are. The goal is to fight for what can be improved and get away when the conversations are not going to be productive.


Closed for rest

Even if you have a lot of work, it is recommended that you rest for a few minutes. It will help you to refresh the ideas and to be more productive. In relation with this, you can enjoy open air, talk with a partner or read something different are the best way to find the solution you were looking for. At same time, do your best to disconnect and enjoy your personal time at the end of your workday.


Raiders of the Lost Ark

When we have been doing the same thing for a long time, we can lose the objective and not to see clearly the importance and value of our work. On the other hand, a source of professional motivation it could be to know the value of what you do and how important it is to other people and departments in your company. If you do not have external recognition, be proud of your achievements yourself. Go out to dinner for celebrating the good work you have done!


To infinity and beyond

Each job requires a time for people to feel the need to have new challenges that motivate them. So, try to have a map drawn with your professional career but with flexibility because life is full of unforeseen events and do not obsess about fulfilling the times. Assess the possibility of having a job advancement and if it is not the right time, look for new skills that you can develop in relation with that goal. This advice will help you to see things in a different way with a clear goal in your head.


In any case, any tools that you put into practice, remember that you are the only person who can help you. Recognize what are the problem causes is a way to guide solutions that you need. It is possible to work in the position that you like, you should try it. It is worth to reach the infinite!


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