Big data & Business Intelligence: The future is already here

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Big data & Business Intelligence: The future is already here

Two decades ago, it was thought that development would be focused outside the earth planet, on moon trips or mars life. When we were young, we played with Space Invaders on that console which it was the most futuristic and we dreamed with conquering the outer space.

The protagonist of Digital history development would be one among many Koopas until telephony sector was fixed on it. The telephony was one of the first sector in recognize the digital development opportunity, arriving to invest important economic sums that pushed the digital development of new technologies and the emergence of new careers.

Little by little, the rest of sectors has been following the telephony example, entering to digital revolution.

The last big TI investment that we found it was in Banking sector, one of the most powerful in economic terms. In this way, banks have been the most reluctant to join in the digital era. However, its turn has arrives and he has done with one of the biggest investments so far, relaunching the sector.

Business have realized how beneficial it can be for them to have information about their customers, leads and prospects. Until recently, business had limited data entrances. The opportunities for real interaction between customers to companies it was few. So much so that, they didn´t know their preferences, main interests, buying habits, needs or whims.

Nowadays, clicking in a screen zone inside a web site is a relevant data for business since, because of this, they will know where to place a banner or an offer, getting bigger profits. In this line, there are many automatic data which we contribute to business and that they use to analyze their services and make improvements. This is Big Data, unmanageable information amounts that must be captured, segmented, calculated and analyzed to obtain tangible result. /strong>, For instance, what color use for „add to cart“ button.

As a consequence of this information, it is developing uncountable apps being able to understanding, processing and converting these data into habits and percentages that help companies to generate improvements in theirs client contact points. . This is the reason why most of the investment in IT its focused on Business Intelligence projects, calculation and statistics. This market bet for information analysis has caused that Big Data and Business Intelligence positions be the most demanded..

Undoubtedly, IT positions have changed since they receive billions of data. By this way, IT sector has noticed the new profiles apparition in last 10 years.

Currently, we can highlight new demanding positions such us BI-Big Data Developers, Data Scientist , who program, analyze and forecast the market’s behaviors; front end developers who are an essential part for any technology development; or Scrum Master, specialists in scrum methodology, one of the most used in a project organization tasks. DevOps figure is one of the most recently case, totally unknown until a couple of years ago.

Eventually, main market areas and large corporations are being aware of the enormous potential of new technologies. In this line, TI sector continues to progress with new profiles every year. Sometimes can appear that new technologies are evolving at a speed that we cannot follow. Although it is not outer space, without go out far away to our planet, we are being the main protagonist of Space Invader in our struggle to advance in digital age.

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