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ECB Engineering Firm

The current economic situation forces companies to improve productivity and adapt to the constant changes that are happening on the markets.

In ECB Engineering Firm we try to improve internal production processes of companies by seeking highly qualified and specialized professionals to the function needed. Both to direct recruitment by our client as staff, using our specialist recruitment services (Headhunter or Talent Acquisition) or using our Interim Staff and Management services, optimizing fixed to variable labor costs and also improving time flexibility.

ECB Engineering Firm.Outsourcing&Talent Adquisition

ECB Engineering Firm also offers a wide range of engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC, EPCM) work for the power generation industry, Oil & Gas, and civil works, either incorporating ECB Engineering Firm staff to assist in high- level work of our customers (Interim Staff & Management), as well as development projects in our offices directly.

ECB Engineering Firm.FEED

Outsourcing is used for when you need more labor force for a specific given time, it has been practiced usually through labor companies for not qualified positions.

However in many cases there is also the need to hire qualified employees, which requires a candidate with the specific experience and contrasted profile.

ECB Engineering Firm
Trends The new trend in the market is to extend this philosophy migration of fixed to variable costs in management of the company or qualified personnel, who are usually of a higher cost.

ECB Engineering Firm has a team of professionals that provides a quality guarantee for the development of any project. The commitment, efficiency and effectiveness of ECB Engineering Firm is continuously reflected in the quality of services provided to our customers.